October 03, 2006

Blogon Blog #1

So, Bob PROMISED to come this afternoon according to Mr.K... But since everyone else bob'ed without Bob's instructions, I guess I might as well, and I'm familiar already with it. Maybe Bob really was abducted by aliens.

Anyway, in today's class we started a new unit on Derivatives. This is where the real Calculus begins! It's pretty interesting, going into great depth within graphs. The test we had yesterday felt like a bummer to me. I had no idea to what "lim x->infin. x=8" meant as it was the first time I saw it in my life, not unless it had something to do with series. And on about 4 multiple choice questions I had to practically guess because I was out of time. Also I realised that I did something wrong on the graph just seconds after the bell rang (why do I second guess myself, I got it right the first time.). What bugs me the most about it, is that I should already know this as it is just a review from Pre-cal. I have my eyes peeled and my ears taped open focusing as hard as I could now. I really need to turn it up a notch. I hate how the best learning experiences are from mistakes that cost us marks! Ouch...

... There's always the next test.

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