October 22, 2006

Okay, I admit that I am not a fan of math, but this class truly helped me appreciate it more. I think it is because of how we are encouraged to work together, participate in class by asking questions, and to take part in the class blog. I feel more confident in this class than any other math class I've ever been in. Blogging has really helped me understand what we learned in class because it's like looking through someone else's eyes from class, and you see how you're similar and different.
Now answering the blogging prompt, a function can be described symbolically, numerically and graphically. Similarities are that they all are 3 ways or representing the same thing. Think of the block of wood Mr. K brings up all the time. The three ways are through a graph, an equation, and a table of values. The differences are; the graph gives you a visual representation of the function. You can see what is going on with the function. An equation is a symbolical representation of a function. What ever input you put in gives you an output. A table of values is the numerical representation. I can help you get an idea of how the graph will turn out, whether it is decreasing or increasing, or can be showing you a pattern.

One problem I have is actually taking the time to keep up with my homework. Procrastination is a BIG problem for me. I even stood BOB off billions of time... haha. I think it's because I suffer from EDD - EASILY DISTRACTED DISORDER! LOL You're all probably going to be upset with me for doing this but here it goes...

Mr. K said that he encouraged us to make our own BLOGGING PROMPT if we wish, so here's mine.

Blogging Prompt

Even the best and most gifted people can be procrastinators! You may even be reading this right now =P Even the incredibly talented Leonardo da Vinci was a procrastinator. It took him 20 years to finish painting the Mona Lisa. He also had some other unfinished projects. Although you can't blame the guy, he made so many contributions to so many different subjects like art and architecture, math, biology, physics, etc. It's so easy to be distracted with so many interests and jumping from idea to idea, project to project. This is probably how you feel about school or something else, and you're definitely not alone.
Think of what are the cause(s) of procrastination and how they can affect you or someone you know. Are there different types of procrastination? What can you do to avoid/solve it?

Well that's all, good luck with Project Emancipation Procrastination ^-^ Feel free to add comments or anything you want to the prompt if it helps to explain it better or something.

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Lani said...

Hi Ashlynn,

I am thinking that your post is so very important to everyone!! And your use of humor in presenting such a topic is just perfect as are the questions at the close!!!

I hope you'll help your classmates continue the discussion--