October 25, 2006


Think of what are the cause(s) of procrastination and how they can affect you or someone you know. Are there different types of procrastination? What can you do to avoid/solve it?

This unit wasn't as long as I thought it would be. I did have some trouble doing the questions for homework but after that review day we had, I feel more confident. I'm not as worried about the test but you can never know enough I guess. I still need to understand how to find the derivative of a function and stuff like that. It's kind of fuzzy but I will get it before Friday! I decided to respond to Ashlynn's blog prompt for my BOB today =).

I think everyone procrastinates once in a while. I am definately one of those people who procrastinate a lot. I don't get home until very late most days because of extracurricular activities and when I get home, the only thing on my mind is sleep. Nothing else seems more important than much needed sleep! I end up leaving things for the last minute. What can I do to avoid it? I guess I should stay away from my room when I get home because it's the most distracting place for me. I should just do my homework before going into my room. Or do homework when I wake up (I wake up very early). I have about three hours to do what I have to do before school starts. Hopefully, I'll follow my own advice.

Everybody, good luck, study hard, and do well on your test on Friday!

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