October 26, 2006

BOB #2

Procrastination more or less starts off as a bad habit. Once you get into the habit of pushing things aside and waiting for the last minute to get it done that's when it becomes procrastination. It can take only one time for someone to get into this habit and it can become very very hard to get out. This is the case I'm in. Procrastination played a big part in why I got mid 70's and mid 80's in my classes throughout high school instead of high 80's and 90's. Every time I put things aside I get this small little guilty feeling inside of me and I'd eventually give in a do whatever it was I had to do. But this has not been the case for the year of 2006. I still get that guilty feeling inside of me but I don't always give in to it anymore. I don't need to explain why because I've already said so much in my first BOB =S

I'm going to go completely off topic just because I was thinking of this with my coworker the other day and I feel that I should share it with all you guys. We were talking about how the new guy at our work started with an hourly salary of $8 when I was only making $7.75 after working there for a little over a year. We both felt I deserved a raise to at least $8 and she told me to tell the boss to give me one. That's when I remembered what my dad had told me. He said never ask someone for this or that if you think you deserve it because if you do then you probably don't deserve it. If you think you deserve something then it'll be noticed by whoever without even having you mention it. Why you say? Because you deserved it. He always believed that actions speak louder then words and if people noticed, you wouldn't have to say anything to get what you deserve. So just for the heck of hearing your guys opinions on this, what do you think? If you think you deserve something would you let it be known? Should it be known? Has this ever happened to you before? What did you do in that situation? After reading my ramblings do you think differently about it? You don't have to comment on this, it's just something I'm putting up because I feel it may help not just in class but life in general.

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Mr. H said...

I think it would come down to how you approach your boss. Whether you deserve a raise will be determined by how your conversation goes. "I notice that the "new guy" is making $8 dollars an hour and I am only making $7.75. Could you tell me what I need to do to get the same salary that the"new Guy" is getting?

You have a good head on your shoulders and a good upbringing from the sounds of it.

Rewards come to those who work hard and are able to communicate.
You have communicated in this post.

Good luck

Mr. Harbeck
Sargent Park School