October 25, 2006


Today's class went by pretty fast... All we did today was the derivative function pre- test and worked in groups, frantically trying to get all the answers finished. I believe that working with my group helped me a whole lot because they helped me see where I made my mistakes. Speaking of the pre-test, for me, it was overally straightforward... There were a few questions though in the quiz were I didn't quite understood what to do and what to answer. For instance, the last question of the pre-test. I totally guessed on that question... BUT... later in the day, Charlene and I went to Mr. K and asked for help on questions that we weren't too sure about. After we had asked for help, i finally understood the questions I was having trouble with!

My progress in this course is not of a slow or fast pace, but instead somewhere in between. I believe that my progress is beginning to increase in terms up how much i'm learning and understanding, each day I enter this class. Though, I think that my progress is beginning to decrease in terms of doing my exercise homework after it is assigned. I usually do my homework a day or even days after the day it is assigned. I should probably start doing my homework the day when it is assigned so that i won't forget the material we have learned during that day.

Blog Prompt:

A function can be defined symbolically, numerically and graphically. These representations are similar to each other b/c they all have the same meaning. Despite a function's different representaions, they still mean the same thing. People visually view those three representations as all being different, but in actual fact, they all mean and represent the same thing. Mr. K showed us a wooden block that very well structurizes how a funcion can be defined in 3 ways.

However, those three representations differ b/c of the way you see them through your eyes. For instance, you see a symbolic function as being an 'equation', a numerical function as being represented as a 'table of values' and a graphical function as being a 'graph'. These three representations differ in that manner. Another difference is how much easier it can be to use a certain represenation of a function, to solve a question, rather than using the others. For example, depending on the question, it may be easier to get the answer by doing a graphical representatin rather than doing a symbolic and numerical representation.

That's it for me...I should maybe go and do my 2nd BOB for the next test...yeah that's what i'll do... i've procrastinated long enough for this...laterz ;]

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