October 04, 2006


Last year I heard a lot about this scribe posting and wondered what it was all about, during this past month I learned a lot about it. This blogging has really helped and it's only been the first month. The scibe posts are extremely useful especially for students with jobs and other after school activities. Also for people who miss the classes, which we would rarely do of course. When it was my turn to post, I had to really understand the work so it would be clear to the readers. So this gave me the extra push to ask questions and do all of my homework. Overall the blogging is very convienient and extremely helpful.

What I also found interesting was all the different things we could do with the graphing calculator. I have a much better understanding of it. It helped how we learned how the calculator functioned and that sometimes the graphs aren't all that accurate because of the engineering. We have to use our heads to find the whole solution. So we shouldn't rely always on our calculators. We are smarter than them.

I also liked the classes themselves. They're very energetic and easy to pay attention :D Especially like the different methods of understanding complicating calculations; for example the sine dance and even simple devices like divisibility rules. Also all of the hand actions and emphasized words do really help! It's very tough for our minds to wander off in that class.

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