October 26, 2006

BOB # 2

A CHALLENGE TO EVERYONE! And Please Read the Whole Thing or I’ll be Sad >=’[

I’ll try to do two things for my this, my second bob. The first (1) is that I’ll strive to be honest in this post. I won’t care about image and formalities; I’ll just be frank. My second (2) goal for this bob is to get a message across to all of you. I’ll bug and bug and bug bug bug the class until I get a comment and have a dialogue about this. Procrastination. Yes, almost all of us did a bob on this, but this would be different. TRUST ME.

I'm intrigued by this topic because it affects the lives of many people in crucial ways. In the beginning of the year, Mr. K said the scribe posts should be posted no later than 9:00 PM, right? But why do we all post later than that? Well, we all know the answer to that. Procrastination, in my opinion, is a habit, more than a disease. It is when one does things later, rather than sooner. Is it bad? Maybe. But what if that works for the person?

Some people know that I’m a bit busy (same with everyone else), especially this school year. Some students ask where I get the time to do all the things I do. Yet, despite this, I can probably claim that I’m the High King of Procrastination! Suzanne, Linger and Lindsay can confirm this. I don’t do things until the very last second. The reason for this, I tell my friends and parents, is because I can’t do homework if I’m feeling crappy! So, I watch the TV first, I surf the internet, chat on msn, eat food, read a book, possibly nap. In between, I tend to my duties at school, home and other places; e.g. preparing things for an event at my church, doing student council stuff through e-mail (contacting people, designating duties blah blah blah).

It’s probably not good, but right now, homework isn’t on the top of my list. This doesn’t mean I don’t give regard to my education; in fact, it’s the opposite. Over the past year, there’s been tumult in my life, reason enough I think for someone to neglect his education and all else. However, I still go to school religiously, doing most that I can do, right? Point is, I tried to find out who I really am, countless times, and found out what works for me and what doesn’t. It just so happens that what works for me is I need to feel lighthearted first, before I tackle tedious stuff (such as calculus homework.. SORRY MR. K!). I just won’t be able to stand, after walking for an hour going home + a million meetings + a million arguments, to do homework right away. Gosh, if I do that I might get a stroke.

This is my challenge for all of you. By the end of this year, find out what works for you and not. Be HONEST TO YOURSELF. Be it ways of tackling homework, or food preference, type of people, whatever.. find what works for you, and stick to it! It’ll benefit you in high school and beyond. As for me, I’d still be here, eating my oreo and caramel mcflurry, watching tv *cough*calculuslater*cough*. It’s all about responsibility. My responsibility is to do the things I committed on doing, when I say they’d be done, to the best of my abilities, period. That’s my little confession for today.

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lindsay said...

wow christian, i wasn't going to read your bob2 because it looked long. i hate it when things look too long. but i saw the big, bold, red font on your bob3 so i had to read this one. after reading it, i feel better knowing that it's okay to procrastinate as long as you take on responsibility for what you have to do. i don't know if i'll find what's right for me, or if i already have. right now, my routine is...get home, turn on computer, see if i'm the next scribe, talk on phone, sleep, get up, possibly look at homework, 2nd period talk about nothing, blah blah. somewhere in between i'll do what i have to for school and whatever else. i would also like an oreo caramel mcflurry...where do you find the time to get that, christian?

be happy,