October 04, 2006

bob prompt

We've learned about three different ways to represent a function; symbolically, numerically and graphically. Blog a brief paragraph identifying ways in which these three representations are similar. Blog a second paragraph outlining the ways in which they are different.

The way we look at a block is like looking at a rectangular block. Symbolically, numerically and graphically are similar to eachother because they all display a function. They also give information about the function's possible shape.

The differences in the three are easier to see. Graphically, you can see the curvature of the graph (if any) and you can also see where the roots are located. Numerically, you can see the actual values of the roots. Symbolically, you can plug in values to solve the function. You can solve for the roots.

Well that's it for me, i have a headache right now and it's really hard to think =). I know my peers will have better things to compare and contrast.

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