October 05, 2006


Blogging is very important because it shows everyone what we've learned everyday in class. It's been very helpful to me because I was having a hard time understanding the concepts in AP Calc. Its very hard for someone to understand the concepts in a snap if he or she didnt take grade 12 pre cal yet. =D The posts helped me alot especially while doing the homeworks.

I learned alot from this class. Even though I had no idea what the teacher is talking about at first, I was able to study the concepts well. I also learned how to use my graphing calculator and how to apply it's functions during class discussions. I also learned that the calculator is not to be trusted all the time. It can alter your results because its not smart! Another thing is that Math is the science of patterns. It means that everything in math has a pattern that would help us understand things better. I'm still having trouble understanding the unit cirle. =P

So far, everything is fine especially the new unit, Derivatives. I hope everyone will do their best! =D

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