October 25, 2006

BOB #2

Well I just finished posting up my 1st BOB a few minutes ago. That was my plan for like ages. Here's my sencond... ;]

Like I said in my first BOB, all we did today was worked on a pre-test on the derivative function. I wasn't sure about some of my answers but when i worked with my group, they showed me how to derive them. I found that distinguishing between the parent function, derivative fuction and the 2nd derivative function was a bit confusing and hard because of the different rules. Later in the day, when I had help from Mr.K, I had a better understanding of those rules because I listened to every detail Mr. K was saying. Having a better understanding of the rules, sparked that "moment of clarity" for me and I felt happy =) and a sense of relief that i had an understanding of that material. In class, I get distracted by writing notes about whatever Mr. K is writing and talking about. I learned that it's better to listen because that way the material that Mr.K is teaching just doesn't go in one ear and out the other.

Ashlynn's Blog Prompt:

Procrastination.....something that I'm sadly a part of. BUT then again....Who doesn't procrastinate and who hasn't procrastinated? I believe that everyone in their lifetime has had procrastinated at least once in their life spand. I also believe that the causes of procrastination may be [1]a person is too tired from school to do anything, [2]too busy earning a living by working, [3]afterschool activities get in the way, [4]interent/computer/tv distractions, [infinity] etc., etc..... Procrastination can affect anyone at anytime whether it is at school, home or anywhere else. At school, I procrastinate especially during second period spare. We usually are to busy eating and chatting about whatever, to even do any homework. Like for instance, today, we were going to do our Physics review sheet but we ended up not doing it until class time came. I think there is the kind of procrastination where someone is too busy doing other important things then they say they'll do it later but never really gets to it b/c they're still to busy doing whatever they are doing. And then there's the kind of procrastination where someone is just too lazy to even think about what they plan on doing and just don't do it until that someone runs out of time in the end to do it. I believe that there are good procrastinations, where someone has a decent excuse and there are bad procrastinations where someone is just lazy and prefer to do other, non-excusable things. To avoid/solve procrastination, I should just finish whatever I'm going to do, right when I get it in the first place.

That's it again for me! G-nites! ;]

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