October 28, 2006

BOB # 3


Anyhow, that's my ranting for today. I'm bored, so I thought, why not do the BOB now and not worry about it anymore? So here it goes.

Resources. This blog will be about the definition, purpose, and use of a resource.

Webster's defines a resource as a source of aid or support that may be drawn upon when needed. We often say in our bobs or comments that we don't understand a certain question, topic and so on. That's valid because we're not Einstein's (yet), but as responsible students, we are supposed to do all we can to find the answers to our questions. We can't just sit and wait; we have to scrutinize our notes, maybe ask our teachers or parents, go to our blog, read the book and so on. These are just some of the resources available to us. The concern is, we aren't making use of these, isn't that right? Mr. K, in the beginning of the year, said that there was a student who claimed, "Mr. K, I don't know what to do. I'm failing your class, although I listen intently to your lectures...", or something to this effect. "Well," Mr. K said, "have you been doing your exercises? Have you formed a study group? Have you tried to ask me for clarification on some of the questions you have?". To all of these, the student said no. This student only has himself to blame for his failure, because all the help he could have gotten was around him, but he did not make use of them.

Well, it's the same for us. Point is, WE HAVE MR. K, WE HAVE A BOOK, WE HAVE THE INTERNET, AND WE HAVE A (FRIGGIN) BLOG! Let's take advantage of all of these. I must keep this in mind, as much as all of you do.

oh oh and... READ MY BLOG # 2 AND COMMENT =)


Lani said...

Hi Christian,
I get the sense that you are pretty frustrated; I am saying this very gently, but were you yelling at us? And I am saying this very very gently, I wonder if that is the best strategy for encouraging conversation? And I am saying this very very very gently, your BOB with it’s heartfelt passion, and well meaning, almost seemed to have a bit of a feeling of “expert” to me. And very frankly, expert discussions scare me because I don’t think I belong there. Now these are just the perceptions of an old woman some 1000 miles away who knows you only from your blog—meaning there is so much room for error. And if that’s so, I hope you’ll be sure to let me know that.
In these BOBs which Ashlynn prompted and now have covered 8 days, you and your classmates have honestly shared your challenges with procrastination. I’ve read each and as I did, could really say to myself “I’ve been there” or “I can relate to that”. I didn’t respond to each, as I’ve been pretty busy on a special project. If you look, I think you’ll find that each of you has had a voice, but you’ve not been engaged in a conversation. You’ve not replied to each other, OR carried what another has said to your own BOB.
I am thinking Ashlynn has suggested a topic that is of critical importance to all of us (I am procrastinating now as I should be working on the development of an online teacher course). And that this important topic should be carried into a dialogue—a talking to each other about it, asking questions, and responding to each other.
I did what each of you had done. I posted a introductory piece to what I wanted to become a discussion on habits. I was remiss in not including the ideas of others and my reaction to them in my post. So I am wondering—can this topic become a conversation? Would it help to include the thoughts of others and a question that will spur someone else on to respond?

christian said...

Hi lani! Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. I wasn't yelling; I just highlighted and blew up the headings of my bobs to get attention.

Rest assured that I don't mean to be an expert, it's just my style of writing. Probably a product of my English classes here, which has influenced the way I write greatly. English isn't my first language, so I just probably didn't have an inborn style. Haha, if you visit our class (which would be amazing), you'll know that I'm not, and don't mean to sound knowing.

I thank you for your comment for reminding me that this blog has a WORLDWIDE audience. It's just hard to grasp that. I'm still stuck on thinking that only my classmates and Mr. K read the posts, and I think they know me enough not to come to the same conclusion as you did. Thanks again!

Lani said...

Hi Christian,

I'm happy that we both understand each other!!! I find that can sometimes be a problem when folks are so far apart--in many ways!

What a wonderful invitation to your classmates in your new posting; I do hope they take you up on it!!