October 26, 2006

BOB #1

That's right, the night before our SECOND TEST and I'm posting my FIRST BOB. I think this is totally way over procrastination for me, and I'm extremely disappointed in myself for this long long wait for my BOB. I'd first like to start off with an apology to Mr. K for having this up so late.

Basically I want to reflect on how I managed through the first unit of calculus. I'm going to be completely honest and I'm not going to "sugar coat" any of the things I feel about my working ability in this class. Since this is my upgrading year I figured things would be a little more relaxed and light for me, however that wasn't the case. I'd say I started off strong in this class and after week one everything went downward from there. I've never been able to finish any of my exercises, sometimes even missing a complete exercise in all. However, and this is not a lie, I pay very close attention in class and understand things that are being done. I find it a lot easier to work and understand topics in groups with interaction and conversations, rather then doing things in silence and independently. I know tests won't ever be done in groups so I have to find some way to make it easier for me in that regard.

When it comes to this class, it's not that I don't want to learn it's just that I never realized how horrible I am at tackling multiple things in life. I'm currently taking this course, chemistry, and I have choir last period. Every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I have Vocal Jazz practice after school. Six out of seven days of the week I'm working evenings or during the day if it's Saturday and Sunday. That leaves me with the night hours after 10 pm every evening to do the homework for this course. The spares I have between chemistry and choir are used to do chemistry homework or resting because I'm always so tired from working evenings and waking up early for school. They're mainly used for resting however because there's not a ton of chemistry homework. This has been the reason or some would say excuse for me not being "able" to finish my homework in this class. I'm a very sensitive an emotional person and there's been things in my "high school life" that's had me go off track numerous times. I'm trying to set things right and get back to being the student I know I can be. It's taking me longer then I had hoped but either way I got to find a way to get it done this year. I didn't stay in high school because of my marks, I stayed because of my attitude toward learning, toward education wasn't positive anymore. I couldn't see myself going into post secondary and wasting my money knowing I wasn't being myself in school. So I chose to stay, to try and right my ship and possibly get things done.

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