October 25, 2006

Blogon Blog #2

So in today's class we did our pre-test on the unit of derivatives. At first, I think I was just staring too hard at it, and completely blanked myself out. Then after some calm breathing to focus, it came to me. Studying for 4 hours yesterday paid off. In the end it was pretty simple! Although we still do not know what the answers on the back of the page are, our group got all the multiple choices on the front correct. I just hope we'll score with the long answer.

The only trouble I have is problems where it gives you a graph for no particular function, and then you're trying to find the derivative at for example lim h->0 f(3+h)-f(3) / h. I have no idea where to start with this type of question. If you do a direct substitution you get an undeterminite value. And if you find the value of f(3), then the problem is what's f(3+h) if you don't know what h is? If there was an equation where it tells you what f(x) is equal to then that I can do.

I'm in okay shape for the test on friday at this point. I can figure out what the graphs might possibly look like, from derivatives to its parent, and vice-versa, to also second-derivatives to its parent. And also expect a problem on the test that we hadn't really seen cause those sometimes come up (gut feeling). So do homework and be ready and good luck!

And to answer Ashylnn's blogging prompt. My motivation to procrastinate falls under everything that causes anyone to procrastinate. I know it's sad, but I would rather go cloud watching and do nothing anytime! (I hope that comment doesn't affect my marks =P). But things have to be done =].

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