October 09, 2006



I've heard about people using blogs in their math courses last year. I didn't quite understand the purpose of using this but now that we are writing scribe posts, I find that it IS useful. I don't get things as easily as some people do and I need things to be repeated for me to understand. The posts that we make for each class really helps me. THANKS, GUYS =)

I find that I'm somewhere in the middle in regards to where I am in the course. I don't think I'm terrible but I'm not where I want to be. There are times where I THINK I understand but after a while I'm not entirely sure about things.

In grade 11, I remember Mr.K showing us this wooden block. After a year, I completely forgot about the purpose of that thing. When he showed us the block this year, I understood what it represents. It was one of those "a-ha! i get it!" moments, like when Mr.K tells us a joke. There is more than one way of looking at things. Like for functions, there is more than one way to represent it; graphically, symbolically, and numerically. You just have to know which is the right one to use for the job. You use a graph to describe, use an equation to get a value, use a table of values if you want to explain something symbolically.

okay that's all. =)

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