October 12, 2006

Day 23

Hey guys, this is Suzanne :)

Today we had a sub, and our only assignment was to read the notes in the textbook for exercise 2.6 and then complete the odd questions.

Some people might have had trouble with the programming INFLECTPT into their calculator, so I'll just put some pointers up here.

Most of the things that are hard to find, like StorePic or Text, can be found by going to 2nd Catalog (catalog is on the zero button).

Pic1 can be found by going to vars, 4:Picture

The arrow in the fourth step is the store key (the one above the on key)

The minus sign in step nine (just before the zero) is the blue minus key, not the the grey one.

Careful not to miss any brackets, cause there are a lot of them :)

As for the lesson itself, it's kind of hard to keep all these derivatives and their relationships to one another straight in my brain.

The main thing I remember is that f' is the rate of change of f, and f" is the rate of change of the rate of change. And that when f" has a zero which has opposite signs on either side, it indicates an inflection point on the graph of f. (please comment if this is wrong.. or if you have any additions)

I'm assuming we'll be going over this in class tomorrow, so I'm not even going to try and explain this any more.

Tomorrow's scribe, by popular demand, is Charlene.

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