October 01, 2006


Do we really just make a post for BOB?!? i'm confused... Well, like anh, danny and lindsay i'll just make a post.... just in case.... well yeah.. test is tomorrow and i think i'm pretty much ready... just confused about polynomial and rational functions...not really sure how to graph them exactly... So far we just re-learned math stuff from pre-cal40s, so I hope the test tomorrow will be alright... Oh yeah... I was wondering were we supposed answer the question, "Have you blogged before this test?" in our BOB post? OR Will that be asked on the test? Is that even part of BOB?!? hmmm... I guess we'll find out in the test or tomorrow or something... Well its pretty late... so i should go and eat and get a good night sleep... hehe Good luck to everyone writing the test tom. =)

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