October 26, 2006

BOB #2

Well this is our first step into AP Calculus. It is about Derivitive Functions. Now we have a test tomorrow on it. This Chapter was actually very difficult for me in the beginning. I was really lost in class. However I studied a lot and asked my peers questions, so that really helped me. Procrastination is also one of my big negatives. I was behind on my homework and it was really hard to catch up, especially if the topic was discussed days ago. Now I'm going to do my homework on the day that it is assigned. I will remember our discussions in class so it will be easier. To answer Ashlynn's question I think the reason for procrastination is because we always tell ourselves that we'll get it done and we believe it; the case is always the same, it never gets done. Procrastination can lead to laziness and just giving up because it's "too late" to solve. Remember the Forgetting Curve! We can all avoid this.

What really helped me was all the reviews that we did. We may be a little bit behind, but at least we're confident in what we learned. I liked how if we asked for a review on anything then we would do it right there on one or more questions, even if it was in the middle of another discussion. Those spontaneous reviews were extremely effective.

Also, I liked how we seperated into groups. I usually work well individually, but in Calculus I prefer working in groups. I learn way better. Three brains is better then one! This is how I figured out to solve my mistakes. Things were more clearer especially after when we did an overall check of the questions.

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