October 02, 2006

Scribe Post

Hello everyone, this is Mark and i am your scribe for today.

Well to start things off, i will talk about BOB. I am not sure what is going on, but the expressions from everyone today was... we were all lost! Mr. K, mostly everyone in the class was anticipating you to post the BOB post since Friday. The constant checks everyone made to the blog, to see if the "How-to BOB" post was up. Everyone who did not see the post, including me, assumed that the bob was not to be done.

Today we had Mr. Clark as our substitute teacher. Today was also test day. I will talk about some problems i had on the test. feel free to write in your comments about the test.

On the test, i had a hard time figuring our the answer for number one. i kept looking at (a ), (b) and (d) as possible answers. i plugged the answers into the equation, but it did not even work out. I finally chose (d) as my answer.

There was also another question, where i had to figure if the output was possible for the equation. I think this multiple-question was on the top of page 2.

This was the worst test i took for math. Worst for me because i had a cold and it is harder to think. I also spent too much time on the multiple, when, when i should have spent about 3 minutes maximum on each one. I had to rush the last part of the test and also answer some unanswered multiple.

Overall, i think the test was mediocre. I just had trouble with 2 multiple questions and everything else was not bad.

If you had any problems you want to discuss, pls post your comments freely. =)


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