October 17, 2006


I think Linger was right on target when she mentioned in her BOB:
" it's important to ask questions when you don't fully understand the concept of something..."
And I'm thinking a question is also a good way to clarify your thinking. It's been my experience that often students fail to ask questions because they think everyone else totally understands. And guess what, that's likely what everyone else is thinking too! And with no questions, everyone leaves without understanding--

Do you think the Chinese proverb has merit? Are you asking questions?


christian said...

I think, lani, that your comments are enlightening. It's accurate enough, I think, that those who don't ask questions are fools.

What is a fool? The dictionary states that a fool is a person who lacks judgment or sense. If we don't know what the answer is, or how it came about, doesn't it just make sense to ask? That qualifies us for the "lacking sense" part of the definition. For the "lacking judgment" part, I think it's evident that one lacked judgment by having oneself go through confusion, when he already had the option of having his confusion clarified. ahaha... I'm doing my scribe post right now so... I'm not gonna fix that sentence. Hope you understand. THANKS!

M-A-R-K said...

Lani, linger is a girl... just to note that =)

Lani said...


Thank you! And Linger, I am soooo sorry!! Fixing it!!


linger said...

Thanks Mark... lol. and thanks Lani for fixing it.