October 14, 2006


Friday’s class was like walking outside in the fog; I was so lost. But then I asked Mr. K to explain things and it helped me understand derivative functions better. I learned my lesson; it's important to ask questions when you don't fully understand the concept of something... During the first unit, I thought that I knew what I was doing, but when it came to writing the test I blanked out. Speaking of which, when are we getting our test back? I think that I can do better in this class, so here I am on a Saturday night, rewriting notes and re-reading blogs. I also find this whole “repeating it 6 times before it sticks” working for me, lol.

When I went to the yearbook conference on Wednesday, the guy talked about how geese flew… and it rang a bell. He talked about what Lani posted up on the blog http://apcalc06.blogspot.com/2006/09/lessons-from-geese.html I thought that was pretty cool, and interesting how it came up during the conference. It relates to the real world because the lessons and the facts apply to us all. It applies to us in this class, because having the blog is like our mission in “beating calculus” as Christian put it in the comment. It applies to making a yearbook by having people work together to get the job done and help prevent stress.

To answer the BLOG PROMPT, a function can be presented in three ways; symbolically, numerically, and graphically. They are similar based on the block of wood we’ve seen Mr. K take out countless times. They represent the same thing. They differ depending on what you’re looking for. You’re able to visualize what the function looks like through a graph. If it’s represented through an equation, you can use it to plug in values and get outputs. If it‘s represented through a table of values, you can plot it to make a graph, find the slope and all that jazz. You can’t have the whole block of wood by looking at one side of it. “You have to use the right tool for the job.”

I do appreciate this whole blog thing. I think that everyone has done a really good job so far. I always learn something from someone else by reading their blog. I also think that being able to make a blog shows that one understands what they learned in class, because they’re able to explain it in their own words and teach it in their own way.
Ok, I think I’ve covered it all and it’s getting late. Have a good long weekend guys… see you later BOB.

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