October 29, 2006

Bob # 3 B

Hello guys!

I'm encouraged by Lani's post, and her comment on my Bob # 3 to continue the dialogue about procrastination. I guess we had to cram and do our Bobs before the test, so instead of having a constructive conversation, we just put what we thought on our bobs. Well, to organize things, and to get the dialogue going, if anyone has a comment on procrastination, may s/he please do it here?

As for me, here's my PROGRESS REPORT since that day I wrote my bob:

Well, believe it or not, most of my homework was done by the morning of Saturday =). It's pretty interesting, because I was convinced before that procrastination works for me, and I should keep doing it. Well, what REALLY works for me is a whole afternoon free, with nothing to worry about, sipping my coffee (it's not good i'm really getting addicted) and reading my book. THAT is what works for me. As well, since then, I thought more about "knowing yourself", and I asked myself, "do you really know yourself well enough to call for people to do that?", and came to the conclusion that I don't. It's an ongoing process don't you think? Well, I'll make an attempt to stop being a procrastinator. I won't make any promises; I'll just do my best. That's all for today =)

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Anonymous said...

CHRISTIAN, I hope that by the time you read this, you've already done your homework.. haha. You better not be procrastinating!!! I think that "knowing yourself" is very important when it comes to procrastinating... I mean you have to do what works for you.. and for everyone it's different. Like you, I find it very hard to concentrate on homework if something's on my mind. I think we've all had days like that, and my advice to everyone is to solve those issues because it's going to remain in your conscience until you get it out in the open. Anyway, good luck with doing your best in trying not to procrastinate =)