October 23, 2006


Think of what are the cause(s) of procrastination and how they can affect you or someone you know. Are there different types of procrastination? What can you do to avoid/solve it?

Well this response is for ashlynn's post,=p. Hopefully i can respond to her blogging prompt and use it as my BOB. I think the causes of procrastination are :

1) Lazyness
2) Minds are on other things
3) Long day = fatigue
4) Lots of homework
5) Thinking you have a lot of time

i procrastinate too... for mostly everything, i am not sure why. if i could guess i would pick number 3 as my reason to procrastinate. I would rather stay awake when i get home and try to do my work at a turtles pace. My other option would be to take a nap then do my work, but thats just scary. It's scary because i might take a nap for 2+ hours and wake up at eight or something. Then i would have little time to do my HW. I think there might be different types of procrastination. There is procrastination avoidance, where you try to avoid doing something you really need to do. Then there is procrastination lazy, where you are just saying you will do something, but in reality too lazy.
So solutions to procrastination? Well, first you can get an agenda and plan your afternoon. Try to relax when you get home and eat. Mr.K said, "Set a time for yourself to do homework and do that everyday, to get your body used to doing homework." You can also try playing an instrument or playing your favorite sport. Your mind will get the stress off your head and you will get the blood flowing. Lastly, i think taking a hot shower can help, lol. The blood flows and loosens the clots in the brain, making you more relaxed.

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